Work, Life, Social Enterprise – Where’s the Boundary?

Digital technologies and media such as smartphones and social networking sites can be very helpful to social entrepreneurs as they provide a low cost method of knowledge sharing, marketing and interacting with others.  But how does this affect our work-life boundaries?  Is always-on connectivity a good thing because it gives us freedom to work flexibly … or does it cause problems because we’ve developed the habit to never switch off?

We were very luck to welcome Prof Gillian Symon, Professor of Organisational Studies at Royal Holloway University London to Kendal on 2nd November, who facilitated a workshop looking at Work/Life Boundaries for social entrepreneurs, exploring potential ideas and solutions to get the balance right and the need for ‘sane engagement with technology’!

If you were’t able to attend the workshop, you might be interested to read an overview report Work, Life, Social Enterprise – Where’s the Boundary? undertaken for Digital Brain Switch, which looks at the paradox of social entrepreneur’s passion for their work – which encourages a holistic lifestyle, but at the same time can create feelings of overload and particularly the part digital technologies play in this Work/Life balance.

Should social entrepreneurs set boundaries?

What kind of boundaries matter?


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